Branding is a set of techniques designed to generate cultural relevance.

Douglas Holt

The digital marketing hub is the gravitational center to a constellation of digital marketing tools and applications.

Jake Sorofman, Research VP at Gartner

Marketing Automation as a facilitator in Digital Marketing

What is marketing automation all about? Marketing automation is software that...

Does your landing page say the right things in the right order? Visual design cues help with information hierarchy.

Oli Gardner, Unbounce Co-founder

The new consumer decision journey

David Edelman - global leader in digital marketing and sales at McKinsey &...

Getting a sharper picture of social media’s influence

New research of McKinsey & Company shows that buzz on social media plays a...

Mobile Search Google

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update: Next Steps for Digital Marketeers

On April 21, 2015, Google rolled out their mobile-friendly update. Google...

LinkedIn User

3 Tips to Increase Job Applications with LinkedIn

Hiring new employees is for some organizations crucial to ensure growth. In...